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Easy Internet Marketing Tips For Free Advertising

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You can procure FREE online advertising for yourself or business online in many ways. Search engines are a good place to start, simply by running a query on free advertising, but I’ll give you a few other ideas to get you on the way to easy internet marketing and increased sales revenue.

Craigslist and Kijiji are excellent sources for mass online marketing and advertising. These sites allow you to post your print ads with pictures and links for free, easy internet marketing.   Both sites have such heavy daily traffic that if you post a GOOD ad, you are sure to gain volume in sales. They have multiple locations for their sites so if you’re not catering to one specific market, you can gain business from far and wide by posting ads on these sites.


Both Kijiji and Craigslist have filters installed to protect their users from spammers. If you’re planning on posting multiple ads on multiple geographical locations on either site, make sure you use unique, creative verbiage for each free ad you post and use multiple email accounts to post. Just remember, if you’re actually SPAMMING, not only will you have your free ads removed, you’ll most likely drive business away, too.


There are literally hundreds of sites where you can find FREE ADVERTISING online. Just remember that time is money. Don’t waste your time posting ads on every site you find. Look for providers with high traffic counts (they usually like to brag about the number of visitors they get on a daily or ongoing basis), usually these will be the top 5-10 you find when you run a search on your favorite engine, and make your easy internet marketing dollars count.

One last thing

Getting free advertising doesn’t mean that you should skimp on quality. Give the ads you are posting the same thought and time that you would if you were paying a hefty advertising rate for them. Quality and quantity don’t have to be independent of each other. Good luck with your business and keep coming back for more easy internet marketing tips!!

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